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The Moon Cat Saga of 2023

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge animal lover. For the last two and a half years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars feeding and vetting a feral cat colony. It started with a black and white kitten I trapped and got vaccinated and neutered. He was too feral to adopt, and I released him back into my yard, where he has multiple safe and warm shelters and food. Then came Midnight. Black cats are my favorite, and he was such a gentle creature. With him came Moon, the tabby. And shortly after, two more cats, Morgan and Merlin. Blue, a gorgeous solid silver, joined the colony a year later. I guess word got out that I had the good food in the neighborhood. A few weeks ago, another black kitty appeared. I named him VooDoo.

Late last year, we lost Midnight and Blue. They came in hurt one morning, about two weeks apart. I rushed them to the vet, but they were beyond help.

Two weeks ago, I noticed Moon was limping. It took me a week to trap her. I took her to the vet with what I thought was a broken leg, only to find out someone in my neighborhood had shot her with a BB gun. I spent half a day crying. But Moon was lucky and she could be saved, but the leg had to be amputated. This happened on 2/7. She’s back at home with me where she has found her forever place. It will take time for this 3-year-old feral-born cat to adapt to living indoors and to learn to navigate life with three legs. I have high hopes for her. So, this is the Cat Saga of 2023. But knowing myself, there will be more cats to feed and rescue and care for.

Now I just have to write a lot faster and publish a lot more books so I can pay for them all, LOL.

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