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Same old you...

I read something today that really hit me hard, specially with our tendency to make New Year resolutions that fall far outside our reality. We (humans in general) sometimes set ourselves up to fail with our unrealistic expectations. The phrase was:

"It's a new year, but it's also the same old you."

A different number on the calendar won't miraculously transform me into a different person. I've had decades of habits and conditioning to behave in a certain way. And change will take active thinking and active will to transform that behavior, to create new muscle memory, and new neural-paths in my brain. It takes awareness and focus to first see what needs changing and then take the steps to change it.

One step at a time. One task at a time. Then do it again and again until we don't have to think about it and it is a new habit, a new behavior.

A New Year opens the door to the possibility of something different—not that we need a special day to make a change—but it's up to us to step through it.


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