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Seventeen Wishes

Zac and Lilly have known each other their entire lives. There was never a time when the two of them were not together. But Zac has a secret that could mean the difference between life and death. He can only hope Lilly will forgive him for the lies he tells them both.


If knowing the truth could leave you more broken than believing the lies, would you still want to know it?


We’ve been friends out entire lives, Lilly and me.

But I have not always being truthful.


There are lies we tell ourselves so we can hold on to hope.

And lies we tell those we love to save them the pain.


There are truths that are too big and too final.

And truths that give us a reason to keep going.


This is where I live. Between the lies and the truths.

Between hope and finality.


This is the place I’ve created for us.

For Lilly and me.


A place without expiration dates.

A place where I can be me and where the promise of tomorrow exists, even if it’s a lie I tell myself.


Our time is limited, so I’ll make the most of it and hope she’ll forgive me for the lies I told us both.

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