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Because of Liam

River is confident, sarcastic and doesn’t know how to hold back. Liam is an ex-Marine who has seen too much, and just wants to be left alone. When they meet it’s hate at first sight. And because their siblings are dating, they are stuck together. Now they have a bet. A sex bet. But with odds like this, can there really be a loser?

Liam ebook.png

When we met it was hate at first-sight.

Who could have guessed hate is exactly what we needed?

I thought the Marines prepared me for everything. I was mistaken.
Nothing could have prepared me for her . . . River Devereux.
She’s too sarcastic, too outspoken, too beautiful for her own good.
Her overly confident, no-holds back attitude rubs me the wrong way.

She gets in my face, pushes me back, and challenges everything I say.
Some days I want to put my hands around that pretty neck and squeeze...
But most of the time I just want to kiss her.


Liam . . . Even his name is a four-letter word.
He’s too rigid, too tall, and too sexy for his own good.
His arrogant, irritating, and cocky attitude gets under my skin.

He watches me, corrects me, and judges everything I
Some days I want to put my hands around his neck and strangle him...
But most of the time I just wonder what would it be like if I gave in.

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