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Because of Logan

Shy, nerdy Skye has always lived in her twin sister’s shadow — until she’s caught nearly naked in front of a police cruiser’s headlights! Sexy cop Logan is immediately smitten, and he’s not about to let this wallflower go…

Logan ebook.png

Nothing like this ever happens to me…until it does.

Skye Devereux

I believe in soulmates, happily ever after, and love at first sight.
Even if it only happens in the romance novels I read.
But in real life, I’m the ugly duckling to my sister’s swan.
The nerd to her popular girl.
The one who’s easily forgotten and overlooked.
And that’s okay. I don’t mind.
Or at least it didn’t until him… Logan Cole.
The police officer I met during the most embarrassing moment of my life.

Logan Cole

I don’t believe in relationships, happily ever after or love.
In my experience, dating is a game. Use or be used.
I have always been the latter. No more.
I’m done playing the fool.
I won’t fall for a pretty face or nice words ever again.
Not even if it comes in the form of Skye Devereux, the shy girl standing nearly naked in the headlights of my police cruiser.

Why then am I watching her to make sure she gets home safe?
And why can’t I get her off my mind?

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