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In her Eyes

Three missing women. Two shared fates. One epic love story.


He saved my life, then disappeared.

For fifteen years, I thought of the man I knew nothing about—not even his name.

I never could have imagined I’d run into him again.


I know his name now: Jake Knox.

He’s a jaded police detective, more devastatingly handsome than I remember.


And I? I’m a suspect in his investigation.

Logan-Paperback and Ereader-Mockup.png

Because of Logan

Shy, nerdy Skye has always lived in her twin sister’s shadow — until she’s caught nearly naked in front of a police cruiser’s headlights! Sexy cop Logan is immediately smitten, and he’s not about to let this wallflower go…

Liam Paperback and Ereader-Mockup.png

Because of Liam

River is confident, sarcastic and doesn’t know how to hold back. Liam is an ex-Marine who has seen too much, and just wants to be left alone. When they meet it’s hate at first sight. And because their siblings are dating, they are stuck together. Now they have a bet. A sex bet. But with odds like this, can there really be a loser?

Dylan Paperback and Ereader-Mockup.png

Because of Dylan

Becca is battling demons no one knows. She keeps her secrets and her life under lock. But all of that is about to change. A phone call sends her into a spiral of self-discovery. And with it comes Dylan, a man who should be forbidden to her. But then again, making bad decisions has always been the only decisions she makes.

17W Paperback and Ereader-Mockup-.png

Seventeen Wishes

Zac and Lilly have known each other their entire lives. There was never a time when the two of them were not together. But Zac has a secret that could mean the difference between life and death. He can only hope Lilly will forgive him for the lies he tells them both.

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