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Because of Dylan

Becca is battling demons no one knows. She keeps her secrets and her life under lock. But all of that is about to change. A phone call sends her into a spiral of self-discovery. And with it comes Dylan, a man who should be forbidden to her. But then again, making bad decisions has always been the only decisions she makes.

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We were never meant to happen. . .

She’s the girl I should avoid.

The girl who’s too much trouble.

The girl with a past.

The girl people whisper about behind her back.


I can’t stop thinking about her.

Wanting her.

But I’m a professor and she’s a student.

So I stay away.


For two years I’ve watched her.

But now she has set her sights on my brother.

I can’t allow that.


I’ll do anything to keep her away from him.

Even if that means taking his place.

If anyone will end up in her bed, it will be me.

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