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Cover of Because of Skye, coming soon.
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Cover of Seventeen Wishes

Because of Logan

When chance brings together an awkward girl and a sexy cop, everything they thought they wanted changes. Now they have to decide if love is worth the risk or if trust is a price too high too pay.

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Because of Liam

In a battle of wills, River and Liam try to best each other, but when they are forced to face their own fears, the resulting consequence is something neither could have ever imagined.

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If knowing the truth could leave you more broken than believing the lies, would you still want to know it? 

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I love books!

There! That says it all.

I love books like other girls love shoes.

I love the smell of the paper and the sound it makes when I turn the pages.

I love that it takes me so completely away from where I am that anyone 

trying to get my attention will have to call my name several times.

I love books because in its pages, I can go anywhere.

I can trade places with the characters and live their lives and adventures, 

feel their love and pain.

I can live thousands of different lives and travel to places that may not exist, except for the pages in which they are written and in the author’s imagination.

But while I’m writing or reading those pages, they are real.

I make them real. I give them life when my eyes track those words and my soul takes them in.

I love reading and I love writing. Creating worlds for the people in my head to live in and grow. And I live and grow right along with them.

I cry and laugh with them.

For all those people in my head asking to be heard, I can only hope to do them justice.

I am a mom, a wife, a writer, a vegetarian, an animal lover and I love books.


Talk to me.

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Looking for the secrets of the universe?

Ask away!

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